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Frequently Asked Questions

This Game is Broken/Isn't Working

If you find a game that isn't working on this website, make sure to click the "Report a Problem" button thats on the bottom of the screen of most pages and fill out the short survey. Make sure to include detail about which game is having issues and exactly what the problem is.

How Do You Have The Flash Player?

While Adobe shut down Flash Player on the 31st of december 2020, i kept a copy of an old offline version that was used for testing and debugging games.

Can You Add This Game?

If you want me to add a game to my website, click the "Request Games" button thats on the bottom of the screen on most of the pages of my website and fill out the short survey. Please remember that requesting the game more than once won't make it get added faster.

Can People See What I'm Doing When Using The Proxy/Unblocker?

There is a small chance that someone would be able to view what you are doing while using the proxy/unblocker on my website, i personally don't monitor or log what you do on it in any way but your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and your school/work might be able to view it.

Where Did You Get Your Games From?

My collection of games are in this repository on GitHub. A large majority of these games are from 3kh0 but i have downloaded many of my games using website downloading tools such as HTTrack

What is BCHS Unblocked Games?

BCHS Unblocked Games is a intuitive online gaming destination designed to eliminate boredom with its ever-growing collection of over 200+ Flash and HTML games. From classic arcade games to the latest action-packed adventures, our diverse selection has something for everyone, ensuring you stay entertained all day long. But that's not all we also empower our users with the freedom to search the web without any restrictions. Our blazing fast proxy allows you to bypass filters and access the information you need, whenever you need it. Whether you're taking a break between classes or looking for a way to unwind after a long day, BCHS Unblocked Games is your ultimate gateway to endless fun and unrestricted web browsing.

*This info page is here so that i can hopefully get approved for ads.*